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Small Business Saturday - November 25

Small Business Saturday is filled with promotions, free gifts, and entertainment in Downtown Fond du Lac on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 25. Shop where to live and you’ll love where you shop! Shopping small supports the businesses who support where you live, work, and play.

Shop Small and Win Big

Congratulations to John Welsch of Fond du Lac! John has won $500 in Downtown Gift Certificates.  John submitted receipts from Kitz & Pfeil True Value Fond du Lac, Cutter Vac, Wood's Floral & Gifts, and Texture Salon in order to receive 153 entries into the raffle. Thanks for supporting downtown, John! 

Supporting the Small Businesses Who...

...Support the Community Where You Live, Work and Play

There is nothing small about small business; it takes a big person with intense commitment, big resolve and unwavering determination to make any business succeed. No matter the obstacles, the risk, or the uncertainties, small business owners persevere and make it happen. They inspire others to do the same.


Supporting the Community Where You Live

Consider how local independent shops invest in their community. Local businesses are proportionally more generous in the support of local charities, schools and community events than big box stores; independent local merchants return 68% of their income to your local economy versus 48% in local economic activity when spent at a chain retailer. In addition to generosity, local businesses also improve residential neighborhoods. On average, this means that home values increase more than 50% when they are close to small businesses. Internet purchases from large conglomerates simply can’t do that. Supporting local shops means a financial contribution back to the community.

"We're encouraging people to shop early and shop often at our locally owned businesses, then dine in one of our local restaurants."

"When you have dollars staying here, that motivates and encourages people to open a business here, or expand or renovate one," said Amy Hansen, executive director of the Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership. "The future of our unique Fond du Lac businesses depends on people shopping small and shopping local."


Supporting the Community Where You Work

When you shop local and small, you provide job opportunities for your friends and neighbors. According to a Forbes report, over 50% of the U.S. working population or 120 million people in the U.S. are employed by small businesses, and since 1995, 65% of new jobs created were attributed to small businesses. Each month, over 543,000 new small businesses are founded and about half of these new businesses survive for more than five years. These might be surprising statistics, but they shouldn’t be. Small businesses easily adapt to changing economies and more successfully keep their fingers on the pulse of new trends and technology. According to the Small Business Association, over the past 24 years, small businesses have added jobs, while big businesses have eliminated them.  An eight million increase versus a four million decrease.


Supporting the Community Where You Play

Local business owners are well-known throughout Fond du Lac as passionate, kind, and courageous individuals. When shopping at a locally owned business, you know the person behind the counter and they have a vested interest in your happiness at their store as well as in the overall well-being of the community they call home. Nationally, small businesses donate 250% more than larger businesses to non-profits and community causes. It’s easy to spot local contributions in Fond du Lac, just take a look at the logos on the jerseys during summer athletics, make a note of the advertisers in the Playbills for local arts programs, or read the plaques near playground equipment in the local parks. Your help supporting local businesses means they can help support the local community.

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