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Downtown Fond du Lac Farmers Market

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Volunteer at the Market

Volunteering at the Downtown Fond du Lac Farmers Market is a fun, interactive way to give back to our community by supporting local farmers, producers, and artisans, while educating market visitors about healthy eating habits, good nutrition, and the benefits of “eating fresh and local.”

Volunteers are essential to successful Farmers Market operations, events, and stellar customer service. We depend on our volunteers on so many levels to help provide the best market experience possible! 

All volunteers must wear a Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership apron during their shift. The apron may be picked up at the Information Tent and must be dropped off again at the end of every shift.

Volunteer Policies


The 2017 Market Season

Market volunteers are needed every Saturday from May 13 through October 28, 2017. The Wednesday Farmers Market runs from June 7 through October 25, but requires far fewer volunteers, please contact us directly if you are interested in Wednesday volunteer options. 

Want to volunteer? Call 920-322-2006 or email Dusty Krikau at

Volunteer Shifts & Job Descriptions

Setup Volunteers

(6-7:30 a.m.

You are the crack-of-dawn, welcoming beacon for our hard-working vendors as they arrive to begin their day at our market! Join the DFP Staff at 30 S. Portland Street to help cart supplies to their Market locations and setup street barricades.

Responsibilities: Roll up your sleeves! We hit the ground running, moving barricades to close Main Street, setting up the Information Booth, placing directional signs, hauling out sound equipment, and any other week specific supplies. In short, volunteers will assist with whatever is needed to be open to the public at 8 a.m. and have it ready to host our wonderful customers and any of the day's planned activities.


Tear Down Volunteers

(11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.) 
Flip the Setup Volunteer description inside out and get Main Street back to pre-market condition. Help the DFP Staff bring market supplies back to 30 S. Portland St. and remove street barricades.

Responsibilities: Roll up your sleeves! When the tornado sirens blow at noon, the tear down can officially begin. Break down tents, load cars and carts, remove signage and return all items to the storage space on Portland Street. Then street barricade removal occurs as soon as all vendors have left the market space. 


Market Monitor Volunteers

(Shifts from 7-10 a.m. or 10-1 p.m. or all day) 
Bring a smile and a positive attitude to walk the market and make it the best space possible for visitors and vendors. Before and after market hours, Market Monitors are asked to assist with any setup or tear down tasks that may benefit the opening or closing of the market. Market Monitors may also be asked to assist with visitor counts.

Responsibilities: Keep the area picked up, clean, and safe. Provide bathroom breaks for vendors or assist customers with transporting purchases to their car. Provide general customer service or direct questions/comments to the Information Tent. Your job is to ensure that customers and vendors have the best experience possible at the Farmers Market. (Note: Vendor breaks should not exceed 15 minutes. If a vendor has not returned after 15 minutes, bring the vendor's cash box to the Information Tent and head back out to the rest of the market.)


Visitor Count Volunteers

Shifts from 7:30-9:30 a.m. or 9:30-11:30 a.m. or all day) 
Stop at the Information Booth to get a clipboard and receive your designated space assignment, then help track the number of visitors at the Market. A minimum of 6 counters are needed to take a visitor count, so this a great option for groups! We complete a visitor count at least 4 times each season. Visitor Counts will happen as often as possible, but MUST happen on May 28, June 4, and October 15.

Responsibilities: Stand at a designated spot and count the number of people who enter the market from that point for the first twenty minutes of each hour. Counting begins before the market opens and then occurs from 8-8:20, 9-9:20, 10-10:20, and 11-11:20. Between counting shifts, visitor counters will be asked to assist with picking up vendor sales slips from the vendors near their counting site.

Map of Visitor Count Locations


Visitor Survey Volunteers

(Shifts from 8-10:15 a.m. or 10-12:15 a.m. or all day) 
You work in a team of two to survey market visitors about their spending habits and overall market experience. We complete a visitor survey at least 4 times each season. Visitor Surveys will happen as often as possible, but MUST happen on May 28, June 4, and October 15.

Responsibilities: One person counts the number of people that pass by and then notifies the survey giver of the 24th person. The survey giver then gets survey resonses from that person while the counter continues to count the next 24 people. Counting/surveying begins at 8:20 a.m. and ends at noon.


Non-Profits at the Market

We are once again pleased to welcome non-profit organizations to our vendor mix at the Downtown Farmers Market. We believe non-profit participation is critical to all of our events. We will try to accommodate non-profit applicants' needs and requests to the best of our ability. 


Requesting a Space

Please send an email to including the following information.

Contact Person
Contact Cell Phone Number
Organization Name
Dates of Interest

Please read the following before requesting a space at the market:

  1. Organizations will be granted space on a first come, first served basis and as space is available. The booth fee is $5 per week.
  2. Non-profit and community outreach organizations may request up to six Market days throughout the season. Please indicate preferred dates on your request. Contact the Market Manager with any cancellations so space may be allotted to another organization.
  3. No more than a combination of six non-profits and/or community groups will be invited to participate on any given week. During peak season this number may be smaller, as vendors are given priority. A wait list will be created when all six spaces have been reserved.
  4. Locations will vary from week to week based on the available spaces. 
  5. The market provides one 10x10 space per organization. We do not provide equipment. Bring all necessary materials, including a table and canopy. A canopy is not required. If a canopy is used, we require weights on each corner. Please confirm that your canopy or patio umbrella will fit on your designated space.
  6. All vehicles must drive from north to south when unloading or loading. Street barricades are placed beginning at 6:00 a.m. to stop through traffic, but allow vendor traffic. They will be closed to all vehicle traffic at 7:30 a.m., so please plan to have any vehicles off the street by 7:30. You can unload your vehicle and then drive off of Main to park. The Market hours are 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  7. Non-profit booths are for community outreach. However, we are allowing fundraising sales of tickets, merchandise, and memberships from the booths. Items that compete with Market vendors are NOT permitted (food, produce, jewelry, crafts).
  8. Donations may be accepted but not aggressively solicited. 
  9. Literature may be placed on the table for interested parties to take at their discretion; it cannot be handed directly to the individual unless the individual requests the literature.
  10. Organizations out of compliance with general Market guidelines will be asked to leave.
  11. We ask that participating organizations advertise the Market on their Web sites or in social media outreach. Request a logo or information from:
  12. The Market is open rain, shine, or snow, unless the weather is severe and dangerous.

The Downtown Fond du lac Partnership is not liable for any injury, theft, or damage to either the buyer or seller, or their property, arising from or pertaining to preparation for or participation in the Downtown Farmers Market. Regardless of whether such injury, theft, or damage occurred prior, during, or after the Downtown Farmers Market. Organizations and individuals further agree to indemnify and hold The Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership harmless for and against any claims for such injury, theft, or damage.

The port-a-potties are on the south east corner of 2nd and Main just inside the parking lot area and right in front of Berger Courtyard mid-way between 1st and Forest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can one organization be at the Market?

Each organization may sign up to be at the Market up to six times. DFP will have the option to contact groups who might want to fill empty spots, even if the organization has already reached the maximum.

How do organizations pay for the spot?

Payment should be made to the Information Booth on the day of the market or may be made in advance at 30 S. Portland St. Do not make payments until you have received confirmation that your organization has been given a space.

What are the time requirements?

The market operates from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. each Saturday. Main Street is closed to through traffic from Sheboygan Street south to Western Avenue from 6:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. Your booth should be ready to go by 8 a.m. at the latest and should remain up until the end of the Market at 12 p.m.  Keep in mind that setting up late will require you to carry your booth materials from your parking spot, since no vehicles will be allowed to enter Main Street after 7:30 a.m. All vehicle traffic must drive from north to south, so be sure to enter Main Street from the road immediately to the north of your assigned location.

Where should we park?

You may park in any space off of Main Street; however, do your best to reserve close parking for Farmers Market customers. See the Parking Map.

If it rains, do we get a refund or a ‘rain date’?

The Market is open rain, shine, or snow, unless the weather is severe and dangerous. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee a rain date. No payment is expected if your organization is unable to attend due to inclement weather.


Sponsor the Market

With an average of more than 3,000 visitors every Saturday, a Farmers Market sponsorship provides the opportunity to engage your target demographic and your employees by showing your support for the community activities where they live, work, and play. Sponsors position their business in front of thousands of downtown employees, shoppers, civic leaders, festival-goers, tourists, families, art patrons, and more. In 2015, more than 20% of market visitors came from more than 10 miles away.

Your sponsorship can be as large or small as you make it. You can provide a logo for a sign or integrate your sponsorship of the Downtown Fond du Lac Farmers Market with your own ongoing promotions, providing discounts to event participants, or offering consumer education at the market.

You can review our full event sponsorship packet by clicking here.

Musicians at the Market

We love having live music at the Downtown Fond du Lac Farmers Market on Saturdays and Wednesdays. 

Featured Musicians

If you are interested in performing in the amplified space on the corner of 2nd and Main on Saturdays please complete our online form. Featured musicians are included in marketing for each market day and receive a small stipend of appreciation ($100 for solo acts, $200 for ensembles). No payment is made in event of cancellation, regardless of cause. Payment will be made no later than 45 minutes following the end of the performance. Featured musicians are included in the marketing materials for the Farmers Market.

Fond du Lac musicians are given preference and all musicians are limited to one performance date per market season. Additional performance time and load-in information is available on the request form. 

Featured Musician Performance Request Form


Performing for Tips

Busking (performing for tips) at the Downtown Fond du Lac Farmers Market is first come, first serve on each market day, both Wednesdays and Saturdays. The Market reserves the right to limit the total number of buskers at any time and may reserve spots for invited performers. Please stop by the information desk upon your arrival at the market, to let us know you will be playing that day and for updates on any spaces that have been reserved.

Buskers may not interfere with the music of the featured musician.

All buskers must cooperate with adjacent vendors and play acoustically.

All material must be considered "family-friendly." If you wouldn't play it for your mother or at an elementary school, please don't play it at the market.

Buskers may collect tips using a donation basket or instrument case; it should not be passed around. CD and other merchandise sales are permitted.

Performances should not block the flow of traffic and it is the busker's responsibility to ensure this.

The Market Staff reserves the right to deny busking space to any performer at any time.



Thanks to Mike's Music for helping bring live music to our market!