Annual Report 2016


Annual Report

The Annual Report summarizes what was done throughout the year as well as highlights what each committee has planned for the year ahead.

Marketing Support

The Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership (DFP) makes Downtown Fond du Lac a premier destination through marketing and image building that increases business and promotes the region’s vitality. This mission is addressed through a strategic selection of advertising, communications, partnerships, social media and research initiatives.

Downtown Business Directory

The Downtown Fond du Lac Business Directory lists the many services, shops, food, beverage and entertainment venues in available in the BID district.

Guide to Starting Your Business in Downtown Fond du Lac

Looking to open, relocate or expand your business? Downtown Fond du Lac is poised for dynamic growth that will impress you. Major investment by the public and private sectors are getting the attention of commercial and residential developers. Now is the time for you to consider downtown Fond du Lac as the place to expand your business.

Downtown Fond du Lac Design Guidelines

The Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership's Design Review Board has authored, "Design Guidelines, A Guide to Building Rehabilitation, Renovation and New Construction". The Design Guidelines are the result of collaborative work between the Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership's Design Review Board and the City of Fond du Lac Community Development Department. The guidelines will be used in evaluating DFP facade grant applications and for proposals for changes to downtown properties. It is the hope of the DFP that property and business owners will use these guidelines to make decisions that will enhance their property and the district overall.

Downtown Fond du Lac Historic Walking Tour

The Downtown Fond du Lac Historic Walking Tour was completed as part of Leadership Fond du Lac. Take some time and enjoy the rich history of the downtown through the buildings and architecture.